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We’re pleased to offer meticulous dog grooming services widely considered the best in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Your complete 100% satisfaction is our goal and we continue to improve our services for you, and your pets.


All products used in our grooming salon are all-natural, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. We hand select the best product for your pet based on their coat and skin type, to achieve the best results. We also offer a la carte menu add-ons to help tailor the experience for your pet and your lifestyle.



Brittani and her staff did such an AMAZING job with my boy, Ky! Such a great first time experience, will definitely be returning and recommending their shop! A gem in the heart of Columbia!

Ashley Zepp

Britini always does an amazing job! Her love for animals is shown through every dog/cat she has the opportunity to groom! You’ll fall in love with your pet all over again.

Ryan Whalen

This is the best pet salon I’ve ever been to! I have followed Brittney everywhere she has gone and I’m so grateful she now has her own shop. I recommend Brittney 100%

Cindy Lipman

Groom and Hygiene


Grooming is not only important at the aesthetic level, it is also promotes health. Correct grooming prevents skin diseases, external parasites, and helps maintain a good body temperature.


It is important to accustom your pet to grooming at an early age so that it is well accepted to be handled throughout your life and thus maintain good hygiene.



Grooming and Breeds


Grooming is the general concept of maintaining your pet’s hygiene and beauty which includes hygienic shearing, trimming, stripping, brushing and other techniques.


Each dog has specific needs regarding their hair type. Discover the ideal technique for your best friend that match each season today!

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Pet Grooming Services for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and More.

Medicated Baths
Medicated Baths
Medicated baths, odor removal shampoos, and flea protection.
Coat Maintenance
Coat Maintenance
Brush out excessive undercoat, dead hair removal, mat detangling.
Capture memories with a pet photo shoot.
Bath, clipped nails, ears, anal glands, pads, and coat.
Enzymatic toothpaste, breath spray, and dental plaque removal.
Filing and smoothing nails down with pet Dremel.

Maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness with regular and proper grooming is made convenient with attentive, high-quality services.



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